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Naujų technologijų dėka yra lengviau pateikti nuolat kintančią informaciją, padidinti jos sklaidos pajėgumus ir prisidėti prie didesnio produktyvumo, greičio ir paslaugų kokybės. Todėl mūsų sukurti informavimo sprendimai sumažina priežiūros, aptarnavimo, valdymo, informacijos pateikimo sąnaudas

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Siekiant plėtoti skaitmeninus sprendimus Lietuvoje mes siūlome diegti išmanius infoterminalus ir kurti skaitmeninį turinį

Indoor Interactive Infokiosk

Digital infokiosk saves not only time but also systematic and effortless management of information flows. Workers do not need to go to different places and change old information into new. A touch screen is a very useful tool in many public places, where customers can find the required information and check for themselves. The aim of such a screen - include as many visitors into an exciting educational process together to perform various quizzes, play games, book services, finding reference information, watch videos, listen to music or learn something new

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Outdoor Interactive Infokiosk

Infokiosk in the city or another open or private place gives visitors the freedom to achieve the necessary information at any time of the day. Businesses can easily advertise their services, cities' municipalities can publish data on air and water quality, noise levels, or information about the events or places to visit. In this way, visitors can easily find all the information even after working hours, and the city represents itself by offering a full-fledged offer

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Dynamic and interactive software

We have developed an innovative, playful, and user-friendly application that is easy to manage, adapt and maintain, despite the sector or applications available. Modifiable content, of an administrative, technological or creative nature, may be presented interactively through games, animations, or quizzes

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We were lucky to come across Iamus team, who not only share a similar vision, but are also eager to exchange their knowledge with young people. Together we have organized an international hackathon about Sustainable Development Goals – something we might have not thought of ourselves if not a dedicated Iamus team

Mantė Makauskaitė

Co-Founder at AfriKo

After a careful selection process we have chosen Iamus as one of our partners because they have demonstrated a high level of technological competence, ability to innovate and willingness to tackle the challenges that our project presents

Eglė Brezgytė

Head of Project department in Klaipėda State University of Applied Sciences

Klaipėda State College works closely with the Iamus team to teach students through joint implementation of international projects and development of smart college infrastructure that helps students acquire innovative technical knowledge

Jūratė Vaitekonienė

Dean of Faculty of Technology in Klaipėda State College

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